[27] In 2013, general manager Brian Cashman attempted to acquire relief pitcher Brian Wilson in free agency, but negotiations halted when Wilson refused to shave his signature beard. This isnt the military. You want them to be able to represent themselves and their families and the organization. When Munson ended his facial-hair protest, manager Billy Martin (who apparently had appealed to his catcher to get a trim) tried to downplay what had become a bit of a local news story. It wasnt until 1968, the first year over 15 percent of Major League Baseballs players were black and over 25 percent were men of color, that the leagues executives considered a league-wide ban on mustaches, beards, and extreme sideburns.. In fact, many believe that is one of the main reasons behind Steinbrenners action. Hodges, I cant let you wrestle, the referee told him. Yankee management ordered Don Mattingly to get a hair cut, who was sporting a mullet-like hair style. It has become a rite of passage (away from The Bronx) that the first act after moving elsewhere is to give a hirsute middle finger to their former employer; a silent (yet hairy) signal that it was joyless distress playing for the Yankees. No mutton chops. Don Mattingly Refuses Hair Cut, Gets Ovation After Benching! The Yankees hair policy states that, "All players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches and scalp hair may not be grown below the collar. Hal Steinbrenner has important stuff on his agenda helping to get a new collective bargaining agreement for the sport and finding a shortstop for his team. The Marlins have actually tried this tactic beforethey had a no facial hair policy in 2011 that was swiftly overturned once they hired the goateed Ozzie Guillen as their manager. Mattingly refused, and was effectively benched because of it. For me, when I was on the Pirates and me having my dreadlocks, Id be lying to you if I said if I got traded over to the Yankees and they said you gotta shave your hair for me, that would have been a very tough thing to do. When Vern Rapp took over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1977, he insisted that players like Al Hrabosky shave their facial hair. [18] Lou Piniella, meanwhile, once challenged the rule during spring training in Fort Lauderdale, citing that Jesus had long hair. During an appearance earlier this week on The Sports Bubble Podcast, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen discussed his short stint with the New York Yankees in 2018, and the discomfort he felt with the franchise's famous appearance policy. Teams are permitted to have reasonable team rules, and the Yankees have adhered to these grooming ground rules since George Steinbrenner established them shortly after purchasing the team in 1973. Wrestling for California State College at Hayward, Hodges won the Far West Conference title without a loss or conceding a point. Although he did not sport the Afro while on the field, Gamble's Yankees trading card still portrayed the hairstyle, as did the image projected on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium, and fans would often wear wigs styled after his former hairstyle. [2]:128 There were no codified restrictions on mustaches and other facial hair in MLB during this time period; rather, the social customs of the time preferred a clean-shaven appearance, and players willingly conformed. When Derek Jeter became the CEO of the Miami Marlins, he said, You want people to look professional. [24] Although the group mustache growth ended that May after the team went on a 110 losing streak, individual Yankees have carried on their own mustache traditions, growing them out or shaving them based on their perceived personal performance. When he told the team that he would not shave, they crossed him off the list. Somebody said, Isnt that wonderful? Still, when it comes to sports, policies like these are candy for fans who like anauthoritarian approach to team management. Does Hal Steinbrenner want to be the guy who gives the order if, say, Aaron Judge or any Yankee decides to carry his offseason beard into spring training? Andrew McCutchen thinks the Yankeesshould cut. As the legend goes, its roots grew in 1973, when principal owner George M. Steinbrenner observed his team on the first-base line for Opening Day against the Cleveland Indians. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: mlb | pageType: stories | So without free agency or trades to focus on, I have decided to tackle a really big issue. The Yankees' "appearance policy" has been in force since not long after George Steinbrenner purchased the team in the early 1970s. But when the rule was enacted, Steinbrenner said he wanted to adopt the corporate attitude. The official policy by the New York Yankees states: "All players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches and scalp hair may not be grown. Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen thinks the Yankees should phase out their policy regarding how players must wear their hair. Now with the Philadelphia Phillies, he recently called on MLB to question the Yanks appearance policy, arguing that we must be more open as a society and permit players to express themselves in their way. Only to have to stripped when he went to the Yankees. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had hair down to the middle of his back, and it didnt affect the way he went about his work. According to Pinella, Steinbrenner in response showed him a nearby pond, commenting, Its about seven to eight feet deep. As Sheryl Ring wrote in 2019, New York state passed a new law (S.04037 /A.4204) that forbids discrimination as it pertains to facial hair; in addition to the state law that prohibits employers from regulating hair styles/length (A07797A). As a well respected and veteran ballplayer, American society is dramatically different. 1, Bobby Murcer; No. Will anything come of it? A player such as Guerrero has no control if his current team trades him. As a result, Steinbrenner introduced an appearance policy for the Yankees. Reflecting a rebellion by the counter culture in the 1960s and 1970s, numerous young people decided to radically change the way they dress, grow their hair long, and grow mustaches and beards. What would happen if say, I dont know Aaron Judge showed up to spring training and said he was keeping the beard? I'm a believer in 'look good, feel good.' A few years ago, I started dressing better for work and just felt so much more confident when talking to coworkers. The guy who does it in the clubhouse just came to the hotel and dialed me in., For a man who claimed hed be hands-off, Steinbrenner made sure his influence was felt in the clubhouse. Dmitri Young, a black outfielder with the Reds when Vaughn signed. This is the New York Yankees, a historic dynasty, not the Sheepshead Bay Little League. [4], In 1972, Oakland Athletics player Reggie Jackson appeared at spring training sporting a full beard. The black students organized a boycott in support of Milton, but white alumni and athletes supported Andros. The most infamous incident involving the Yankees and facial hair happened in 1991. Sorry, this post was removed by Reddits spam filters. Johnny Damon, the dude had the sickest flow and beard with the Red Sox. "I feel like maybe there should be some change there in the future who knows when but it's just one of the many things in this game that I feel that there just needs it needs to be talked about, and to be addressed," he said. It is growing a beard. The Yankees' controversial hair policy has finally paid off. Eleven other wrestlerseight black, three whiteshaved off their facial hair at the competition. Chris Cwik. The New York Yankees hair (or otherwise known as "appearance") policy has been a talking point ever since it was enacted back in 1973. He seems to be one of the first "star" players to call out the Yankees antiquated facial hair policy. [28] Pitcher David Price, meanwhile, told reporters that he would not want to sign with the Yankees due to their appearance policy. And especially with the team in recent years failing to live up to their potential, its worth debating whether management should let the players be themselves rather than forcing them to conform to a musty old rule. As #Movember comes to a close, we remember the #StacheSquad! and our Believe it or not, the Yankees have actually passed up on players who would not shave. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Bradleys favor, agreeing that Dominos no beards policy disproportionately affected black men. Jake Powell's racist words started a dialogue in segregated baseball and brought national attention to racism in the sport, Steve Wulf writes. Andrew McCutchen, who was asked to shave when he was traded to the Yankees in 2018, criticized the Yankees' appearance policy for limiting the individualism of players. Probably not, but its funny that even former Yankees who have been put in positions of authority at other clubs dont force their players to adhere to a similar rule. (He looks like a Yankee, he sounds like a Yankee and he is a Yankee, Steinbrenner wrote in a statement about the Damon signing. Given that times do change and are changing, it won't be surprising if this policy is amended or done away with entirely. The clean-cut Yankees have one World Series title this century. Of course, the Yankees dim attitude toward facial hair and flowing locks can be seen as symptomatic of baseballs play the game the right way ethos, which can often feel racist and inflexible an ethos that Major League Baseball is doing its best to move away from. That year, Andros policy faced its first opposition, from black middle linebacker Fred Milton. Some guys like it, some guys wont, new manager Don Mattingly told reporters. [29] Bill Baer of NBC Sports also critiqued the Yankees' policy for its difficulties in marketing players, citing Justin Turner and Charlie Blackmon as two players known for their beards. I am shocked they have not been challenged on this yet. There is no direct correlation between having a haircut that could pass Marine inspection and winning. In 1991, Don Mattingly was taken off of the Yankees' lineup for a day when he refused to cut his hair. Everybody liked him. I like to see a player look neat, Steinbrenner said in the same interview. With the Yankees again the sports dominant club, high-profile free agents came clamoring, resulting in a series of lucrative contracts and the repeated weirdness of, say, seeing Randy Johnson shaving to comply with the teams policy. of that era were horrified and pushed back, arguing, among other things, that this change in dress and appearance projected a dirty, druggy, and, dare I say, smelly lifestyle. Rather than asking him to shave outright, Athletics owner Charlie Finley, knowing that Jackson valued his individuality, encouraged four of his players to grow their own facial hair in the hopes that Jackson would voluntarily shave. Long sideburns and 'mutton chops' are not specifically banned. I can rule out Brian Wilson, Brian Cashman said. Most players over time, however, have succumbed to the clubs edict and have agreed to cut their hair. [8], George Steinbrenner became the owner of the New York Yankees MLB franchise the year after the Mustache Gang debuted. In 1969, Andross Beavers went 6-4, their fifth consecutive winning season. It was outdated 30 years ago when Don Mattingly was benched for an August 1991 game because he refused a directive from above (George Steinbrenner was suspended, but it was clearly from him) to shorten the length of his hair. First baseman Luke Voit said his teammates grow . NEW YORK Chicago White Sox star shortstop Tim Anderson accused Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson of making a racist remark by calling him Jackie Robinson during . Players can't wear their hair beyond their collars and can't rock garish beards. Past practices and precedent matter and so, perhaps, an arbitrator would accept that a baseball organization has the right to control the hair length of an adult under its employ. Is it Flowers Day? It was enacted in 1973 after George Steinbrenner saw his players with hair down to their numbers.. The decision reads in part: This evidence clearly permits the inference that some black males would be eligible for positions [with Dominos] if they did not suffer from PFB, and proportionately fewer blacks than whites were eligible for [these] positions because of Dominos no-beard policy.. As many as 45 percent of black men are affected by PFB, and roughly half of these cases, like Bradleys, are so severe that they must abstain from shaving. Still like him better than Steinbrenner.". The Bombers are just a game over .500 through the first month of the season. Notably the absence of it on Yankees players. In 1976, Steinbrenner gave an interview with the Times where he clarified his position. Eligibility restrictions apply. '"[37], Around the time of Steinbrenner's edict, personal grooming policies among MLB teams greatly varied based on the personal preferences of managers. Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen isn't a huge fan of team hair policies. The teams players often rock beards in the offseason, suggesting that theyd actually prefer to have facial hair. They were found in violation of equal employment opportunity law after firing a black man for breaking their no beards policy. and losers (oh no, Lions) of the 2023 NFL Draft, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. It was there where he had to be clean shaven and hair trimmed. General manager Brian Cashman even admitted he ruled out out Wilson because he wouldnt shave. The Yankee system isnt what it used to be and weve got to get it back to what it was., Naturally, some players rebelled. [22], As the appearance policy only applies during the MLB season, members of the Yankees often grow facial hair during the offseason. Steinbrenner wanted the Yankees to adopt a corporate attitude. What does that mean? Even MLB Networks advanced stat king thinks Yankees Don Mattingly deserves Hall of Fame, Aaron Judge choosing Giants over Yankees would have nothing to do with Robinson Can, Alek Manoah calling Gerrit Cole worst cheater in baseball history is a take from Planet Neptune, Yankees fans are deluding themselves with 1990s nostalgia, Yankees remarkable blowout stat proves 2022 playoffs will be tense. "We express ourselves in different ways.". But more symbolically, one of his rules continues to be upheld to this day: If youre a New York Yankee, you cant have long hair and you cant have a beard. It's something they've done since the late George Steinbrenner instituted the policy in 1973, and. Steinbrenner responded to this critique by pointing at a nearby swimming pool and saying, "If you can walk on water, you can wear your hair any way you want. It is one thing for a free agent to sign with the Yankees, know the policy and agree to accept it. . Simply put, the logic and reasoning behind implementing the appearance policy by Sir Steinbrenner are no longer valid today. Do the Yankees actually think this policy is going to bring in hundreds of thousands of young fans? Just back from a vacation and, well, look at that, still in a lockout. exercise free will with their own personal appearance. Clearly, the Constitution grants individuals the right to have facial hair and choose their hair length. Yankees players use the mustache exception to their restrictive facial-hair policy to break out of slumps, slugger Luke Voit reveals. The. McCutchen, who had worn long dreadlocks as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, said that if he had been traded to the Yankees during that time, it would have been difficult to part with his hair, "Because that's who I was That's (what) made me Andrew McCutchen. Mustaches, however, are permitted as an exception. 28, Sparky Lyle. Lets keep going. that it is a huge deal. I get that being clean shaven could be looked upon as more professional, I even had the same appearance policy in my high school. Not that superstars wouldnt test the owners patience. So be it, Cole said shortly after joining the club. Mattingly was benched by the Yankees in August of 1991 over his refusal to get a haircut; his brown hair, according to the AP, drops over the collar and is cropped closely at the sides. That includes McCutchen at the time, who was as noted traded to New York. Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 13 of As the World Turns., Dirt Dogs: Charlie Hustle and Thurman Munson#Yankees #TheBronxZoo pic.twitter.com/3bW680IBUd, But future sagas with other players were inevitable. Steinbrenner's policy remains in place after his death, and has led to a number of dramatic appearance changes for players who come to the Yankees from other teams, such as Oscar Gamble, as well as pushback from players who prefer long hair and beards. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. at the policy takes away from practicing their individualism. Lou Piniella challenged the rule by pointing out that Jesus had long hair. You can rule out Brian Wilson to the Yankees. The paper argued that the only hair policy for a nurse should be that hair is "clean, away from the face, up off the collar and not in the way of any procedure being undertaken". Next. Andrew McCutchen: Yankees' hair policy "takes away from our individualism as players and as people." soxhop411 Jul 6, 2020 Forums Baseball Discussion MLB Discussion Prev 1 2 Smiling Joe Hesketh Book Jailer Dope May 20, 2003 33,732 Deep inside Muppet Labs Jul 7, 2020 #51 mauf said: What a concept! Astros RHP Garcia exits Monday's start with an injury, Braves star Acua Jr. leaves game after HBP in shoulder, Phillies star Harper to make return this week, Yankees place Aaron Judge on IL with hip issue, MLB parlay picks, bets, predictions for May 1, Strider's impressive strikeout streak ends vs. Mets. Steinbrenner, holding firm to his policies, reimbursed Gamble for the lost endorsement package. Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees with "long haired" Bat Boy pictured just to the left. Thats not my style, man. On behalf of Boot Hill Casino & resort (KS). And why are the Yankees even still enforcing such inanity which allows mustaches, but no beards or hair lengths below the collar? Now the beard issue is dead. I got involved., Steinbrenner was just as proactive when it came to personal grooming. There's not much evidence that the policy is hurting the Yankees on the free agent market -- money does most of the talking in those instances -- but on principle it's a bit silly to tell adults how they must groom themselves. Isnt baseball supposed to be a team game? Powell replied . Could the Yankees successfully defend keeping their policy? For one thing, his family still owns the club. If youre a Yankee, you shave. Recapping the Yankees minor league affiliates results from April 30th. [21] The incident was parodied in the Simpsons episode "Homer at the Bat", which aired February 1992, in which Mattingly clashes with Mr. Burns over the length of his sideburns, which only Mr. Burns could see. Employers, school officials, and prison administrators have given a number of reasons for regulations determining hair length and hair styles; among them are identification, safety, hygiene, and appropriateness., However, Major League Baseball franchises, such as the New York Yankees would not fall under a governmental objective or legitimate business. But regardless of the Marlins spendthrift nature, their policy wont last because grown men dont take kindly to these kinds of restrictions of self-expression and identity. He shaved, thats enough. Maybe they want an organization that is full of guys who are puppets, Mattingly said, Maybe I dont fit into the organization anymore. All he has to do is keep the beard. The Yankees are the lone big-league team to have a policy that bans beards. A casual stroll through the offices of Apple, Google, and other successful companies would reveal that what looked corporate or professional in 1973 does not look corporate and professional now. We plan absentee ownership as far as running the Yankees is concerned, he insisted. In contrast, Charlie Finley, owner of the Oakland A's at around that same time, actually paid his players bonuses for growing out their facial hair and locks. He stayed on as Athletic Director for another 11 years, and Oregon States futility continued: they wouldnt have another winning season until 1999. [11]:48, The terms of the Yankees' appearance policy were codified in 1976, when Steinbrenner and manager Billy Martin introduced the "Neatness Counts" policy, which specified, "No beards. Ranking every NFL team's 2023 draft class from 32 (sorry, 49ers) to 1 (whoa, Colts), Kentucky Derby 2023: post position draw results and morning line odds, Ranking all 32 current NHL away jerseys, from worst to best, The Brewers' Willy Adames got ejected after a blatantly spiteful sequence from umpire Adam Beck, Kentucky Oaks 2023: Post position draw results and morning line odds, Every 2023 Kentucky Derby horse name, ranked, 13 Winners (Bill Belichick!) There is nothing more traditional in baseball than the pinstripes yet the Yankees modernized (and monetized) by putting an athletic companys logo across the buttons from the interlocking NY a few years back when MLB reached an agreement for all teams to do so. McCutchen calls playing for the Yankees "an honor," but he also believes it's time for the policy to end. , 18 of whom were athletes and six of whom were on the football team. [40] Howsam's policy was crafted out of a desire for the Reds to look uniform and professional, and was part of a larger series of guidelines that also required every member of the team to paint their shoes black,[41] and in at least one instance cost them a free agent when Hall of Fame relief pitcher & Ohio native Rollie Fingers opted to retire instead of shaving off his signature handlebar moustache he grew as a member of the Mustache Gang with the A's.

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