A special shout-out to actor and musician Will Smith, who is Philadelphia born and raised; the ballpark is likely where he spent most of his days. All picks and predictions are suggestions only. Since 1977, Seattle has seen some of the greatest players of all time, as well as some of the worst (remember Jeff Weaver's ERA after his first six starts in 2007?). He took a no-hitter into the seventh inning before giving up a double and being taken out. They also have a lot of time to do all of those things, just like all these other teams. In fact, Griffey actually finished third, with Kansas City pitcher Tom Gordon second. With his career at a seeming crossroads following the 2000 season (hed hit just .251 with the Padres in 2000) Boone embarked on one of the best three-year runs in Mariner history, averaging 32 home runs and 122 RBI from 2001-03. But its been a long time since 1990.. Suzuki has become the face of the Mariners since 2001 when he came from Japan. Why hes on the list: Mr. Mariners numbers may hold up better today than fans who didnt see him much or at all may realize. Theres an argument that Bill Nye the Science Guy is the most famous celebrity Seattle Mariners fan (more on that later), but were going with current megastar Chris Pratt. This is the official release video for . He spent some time in the Rays' minor league system before being DFA'd in October last year. McGee was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 MLB Draft. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Simpson, Kato Kaelin, rose to prominence during the mid-90s trial for the murder ofNicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 47,102. Pollocks home run in a D-backs blowout. The players respected him, and the fans loved him. The municipality has a land area of 265.10 square kilometers or 102.36 square miles which constitutes 4.89% of Negros Oriental's total area. Free shipping for many products! ", "Stitched inside the jersey collar is the phrase Sodo Mojo as a celebration of the neighborhood that the Mariners always have called home. After some deliberation, we finally arrived at Edgar in the No. But heburned the New York Knicks so many times over the years thathes a self-proclaimed Los Angeles Angels fan. Dipoto addresses Mariners hitting struggles, Important development the Mariners have a HR trident now, Where Mariners could look if they decide to trade for a bat, Passan: With big week, Jarred Kelenic displays his star potential, Seattle Mariners Check-In: Status report on offseason departures, Avs Cale Makar becomes Kraken playoff villain with nasty hit on McCann, What makes last 2 HRs by Mariners Jarred Kelenic his most impressive, Seattle Mariners Check-In: Whos hot, whos not through 4 series, Mariners Table Setter: 3 things to watch coming off 1st series win. Key stat: Ranked in the top four in the American League in throwing out base stealers in every season from 1994-97 and led the AL in 1995 and 1997. But the franchise's fortunes changed when it drafted Ken Griffey Jr. with the first overall pick in 1987. For more information, please read our Legal Disclaimer. Contreras hit just .171 with no home runs in his first 12 games with the Cards, and while hes rebounded in recent games, St. Louis comes to Seattle for a three-game set starting Friday with the same 8-11 record as the Ms. Where he is now: Has become a surprisingly good TV analyst for FOX sports. Share. If youre a baseball fan and thinking of actor Charlie Sheen, you probably associate him with the Cleveland Indians because of his beloved character Ricky Vaughn in the movie Major League. 3. Why hes on the list: You can maybe debate who is the best pitcher in team history. Marco Gonzales strikes out two in his start against the Blue Jays. article posted on the 6abc Action News (Philadelphia) website, Is change needed? Next: This actress and comedian loves the Phillies, but it was hard to pick just one celebrity for this one. Dipoto addresses Mariners hitting struggles Oct 14, 2021. The Mariners have sadly won just three playoff series in their history. Number one may not be a surprise to date, only one player has a statue in front of Safeco Field but the order of the rest of the list didnt arrive without some discussion. Please only rank the players based on their time with the Mariners. A lot of her comedy is either inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia or directly related to mocking the habits of Philadelphia sports fans, which is endearing to say the least. The Mariners aren't the oldest team in baseball nor do they have the most championships, but they have given us 34 years of riveting personalities and fond memories. Fun note about him: In a stat unearthed by Seattle Sports Brandon Gustafson, Turner has a 0.6 WAR this season, while Mariners shortstop J.P. Crawford (who the Mariners coincidentally acquired from Philly prior to the 2019 season) has a 0.9 WAR right now. "Fans seem to have had enough of the veteran and want him out.". Key stat: The Mariners 2001 postseason disappointment wasnt Moyers fault he was 3-0 in three starts, winning the series-clinching Game 5 against the Indians in the ALDS and then beating the Yankees in Game 3 in the only game Seattle won in the ALCS. Some of the game's most iconic stars have worn a Seattle uniform while in their primes Ken Griffey Jr. at the top of the list but the Mariners have been to the playoffs only four times . The Pittsburgh Pirates are yet another team that doesnt have a big-time superstar fan to call their own. But the Mariners then left him in Calgary for another season and it wasnt until 1990 when he was 27 that he got his first full season in Seattle. The leaf embellishments, which memorably appeared on the Pilots caps, are incorporated on the edge of the patch to honor the regions maritime and aviation industries. But even after selling the Rangers to get further into politics and eventually becoming a two-term president, Bush still likes to take in the occasional game. Apologies to the hoards of other famous Yankees fans, but LeBron is currently the most famous of a bunch that features Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, and Jay-Z. This marks the first time Teoscar Hernandez has returned to Toronto since being traded in the offseason. ", "Within the patch on the jersey sleeve, Mount Rainer is front and center, representing the Pacific Coast Leagues Seattle Rainiers. A Seattle Mariners Fan Reaction to Making the PLAYOFFS and the 21 year drought. Key stat: Martinez might have a better case for the Hall of Fame if the Mariners hadnt been somewhat oddly reluctant to bring him up to the majors more quickly especially considering the state of the franchise at that time. Tasked with the postgame DJ set, Lil Jon electrified the crowd with his upbeat lyrics and legendary shouts. All in all, its pretty cool to have a former president as your most famous supporter and hes not the only former president on the list. It was a tough loss for a team counting on him to pitch in some big games this season. At one point, Seattle's Jeff Schaefer body-slammed Brewers manager Tom Trebelhorn - who had been particularly agitated throughout and later accused Mariners manager Jim Lefebvre of prolonging . Theres little unique items throughout the jersey and storytelling that incorporate the Rainiers, the Pilots, the Mariners original jerseys, even the Seattle Steelheads from the 1940s, Mariners Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Martinez said. Actor Paul Rudd is a big Kansas City Royals fan, which is something youd know if you watched him on The Rich Eisen Show wearing a full uniform he has the baseball pants and everything. We all also know that Griffey will forever be the No. His pitch count was only 64, and it wasn't like he was getting hit. Easton McGee is the first pitcher in Mariners history to make a start of 6.2+ scoreless innings, while allowing 1 hit or less within his first 2 career games. He was also fourth in runs, doubles and RBI and fifth in hits. Next: This basketball player has never been shy about his Yankees love. The head-scratching former houseguest of O.J. This is a list of the greatest Seattle Mariners players in team history. It was pretty sad to see him go off to play for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to finish up his career. You really need reasons? Here it is, the finale of our four-part series rating the top 40 Mariners of all time. It just happens to be that with April coming first, the reaction to these games is so much more pronounced and overblown because there are no games from before to add context to the overall record. He came to the Mariners in a trade with the Montreal Expo, and he didn't take long to heat up. Buhner was one of the lucky players to experience both the 1995 and 2001 seasons with the Mariners. Born and raised in Seattle, Rainn Wilson -- most famously known as Dwight Schrute from the NBC hit comedy series "The Office" -- is a diehard Seattle Seahawk fan. Ken Griffey, Jr. was also a huge part of the 1995 ALDS. Whether it was the cameras catching him celebrate or the stories of him giving his spare ticket to a random fan, you couldnt avoid Bill Murray. The Mariners have a history of unique jerseys and products, and this years new Nike City Connect jersey is no different. Why hes on the list: A case could be made that the re-signing of Boone prior to the 2001 season to a one-year, $3.25 million contract was the best free-agent signing in team history. Cameron will return to Safeco Field to throw out the first pitch on Sat. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. The third installment of our rating of the top 40 players in Mariners history celebrating the teams 40th anniversary includes two of the best of the current team as well as five players who helped form the heart and soul of the 116-win squad of 2001. Seattle Mariners utility player Dylan Moore currently isn't playing on the field, but he is creating memories. He led the Mariners to seven winning seasons during his 10 years as manager, including the franchise's first trip to the postseason in 1995. Cruz was probably best known, however, for his nickname: "The Cruzer.". If anybody could figure out how to actually do that, though, it might by Bill Nye. Make your pick:Selectup to 10 players from the list below to vote on who you think deserves to be in the top 10. At the end of the Padres game, Lil Jon ignited a stadium that was packed with thousands of baseball fans using his flamboyant style and remarkable stage presence. But since the Diamondbacks showed up in Phoenix back in 1998, hes really adopted the team as his personal favorite and become the celebrity face of the teams fans. Thats just silly and completely disconnected from the reality that the team has been heading in the right direction ever since it began a rebuild following the 2018 season. Next: This former football player also loves baseball. This fan book to the Mariners covers the team's history in Seattle since its enfranchisement in 1977, including the Ichiro Suzuki years, memories from the Kingdome, and the brief existence of. Key stat: It may be easy to forget now what a running threat Rodriguez was in his younger days. Fans. In reality, Murrays fandom goesback decades. Jay Buhner, 58 11. Next: This actress has always been a Dodgers fan. King Felix is one of the newer fan favorites in Seattle. The Seattle Mariners outhit the Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 but still lost. There are a handful of famous St. Louis Cardinals fans, including rapper Nelly and actors Billy Bob Thornton and John Goodman. Like the Miami Marlins, its tough finding a real big celebrity whoroots for the Milwaukee Brewers. Hes frequently seen at games, and he even gave former Tigers slugger Prince Fielder a pair of rare Air Jordans prior to the 2013 World Series. Best Primary and elementary schools in Ayungon, Central Visayas. Hernandez has 11. Anyone whowatched the hit NBC comedy Seinfeld in the 90s probably could tell that comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld was a big New York Mets fan. Well, theyre off to an 8-12 start after a big offseason where they signed superstar shortstop Trea Turner. Apparently, despite their overall lack of success in his formative years, the Angels really grew on Miller. This isn't the first time Seattle has wasted an impressive pitching performance. The Seattle Mariners City Connect uniforms were unveiled Friday morning, a week before the team will wear them against Houston. PNW is donned in sundown gold to signify the energy and exuberance of the regions great outdoors. He reportedly stole the hat and threw it off one of the rooftops outside Wrigley Field. Why hes on the list: The best catcher in team history in fact, the only catcher on this list. Shes also dated quite a few former baseball players, including former Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny. He affected millions of fans and listeners throughout the course of his career, and he'll never be forgotten thanks to pop artist Macklemore's dedication based on Niehaus's catchphrase: "My Oh My. But Rodriguezs name is still all over the Mariner record book. Arizona senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain has long been a big baseball fan. But neither were the injuries that have sidelined Robbie Ray and Andrs Muoz, taxing a pitching staff that was great in the Mariners back-to-back 90-win seasons in 2021 and 2022. "Their bats are nowhere to be found . Welcome to the home of the Seattle Mariners City Connect jerseys! They lost their ace Robbie Ray for the season after he underwent flexor tendon surgery. As the Mariners turn 40 this season, we decided to take a look back at the top 40 players in the franchise's history. 2023 All-Star Week; Mariners Community Tour; Mariners Social Media; Mariners Text Alerts; Mariners Magazine; On Deck Show; Families; Drakes history of being somewhat of a fairweather fan is well known among sports fans, so its fair to question his loyalty here. An actor whosfamous for Parks & Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic World, Pratt has burst onto the scene in Hollywood over the last few years. The Giants went an even 81-81 last season, missing the playoffs, and they took their chances this offseason on a number of players with lengthy injury histories. In fact, he was once the owner of the team. Well its not much of a stretch to say that Major League Baseball may not exist in Seattle anymore if not for Griffey, whose arrival in 1989 finally gave everyone hope Mariners history can pretty well be considered as BG (Before Griffey) and AG (After Griffey). The worry that last seasons storybook run to the postseason will turn out to be a mirage and the team will return to its previous form as a year-in, year-out disappointment? Ken Griffey Jr., 53 1. Seattle Mariners Popularity. The old circle-changer with the 82 mph fastball cracks the top 10. You could make the case that his employment with the team, which started at the age of nine, is what vaulted him to stardom. Turns out its not that easy to build a lineup that is great from 1 through 9 at the jump of a new season. Everybody loves a great story, whether its an underdog that rises to overcome a challenge, somebody capturing greatness, or just plain and simple witnessing history. Dipotos Mariners Injury Updates: Muoz, Moore, Ray and Haggerty. Blue Jays delight fans with sixth straight win in an epic pitching duel with Seattle Mariners. Key stat: Ibanez held the team record with hits in nine consecutive at-bats until it was tied by Danny Valencia earlier this season. His 13 seasons are the most for any Seattle pitcher, as are his 368 starts. Kraken-Avalanche GameCenter: Live updates, highlights, how to watch, stream Game 7 in NHL playoffs, Seahawks undrafted free agent tracker: How Seattle is filling out roster after 2023 NFL draft, Seahawks' 2023 draft class earns high marks from draft analysts, Kraken top Avalanche in Game 7 to earn first playoff series win, As Game 7 of Kraken-Avalanche series nears, focus is still on Jordan Eberle's hit on Andrew Cogliano. Ludacris is a big-time supporter of the Falcons, Hawks, and even the Atlanta Braves. The Mad Men star is a big-time Cards fan, so much so that he attended the 2016 World Series between the Cubs and the Indians wearing his fathers old Cardinals hat. Martinez was the hitting star of each one, averaging .313 or better and with an OPS of 1.189 or better in each. And theyre very similar to concerns that fans of at least six other teams around the league that either made the playoffs or came into 2023 hopeful of improving upon a .500 record are sharing in their own social media circles. He was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 2019 with an 85.4% vote in favor. Martinez is a seven-time All Star, five-time Silver Slugger, and two-time batting champion. The backstory of the musician and U Cant Touch This creator MC Hammer is quite interesting, as it relates to the Oakland Athletics. Seattle Mariners Check-In: Status report on offseason departures. Next: This rapper only loves his bed and his momma and the Toronto Blue Jays. Bet you didnt expect that. Hernandez has the most wins in team history (158) and the best starter ERA (3.19) among a bevy of career bests and his perfect game against Tampa Bay in 2012 is the single-best pitching performance in team history. Actor Josh Hartnett is a native of Minnesota and a huge Minnesota Twins fan. If the Mariners could only have kept him away from suitcases. Also notable is Wilson's inside-the-park grand slam in 1998. Without the As, there is no MC Hammer. The Tigers honored his fandom by selling a Marshall Mathers jerseyat one time. Why hes on the list: If at times it felt like the Mariners could have gotten more out of Garcia the centerpiece of the Randy Johnson trade with Houston he still left with an impressive legacy, still standing fourth in team history in wins (76), seventh in ERA (3.89), sixth in innings (1,096.1). Pratt, who is from Lake Stevens, Washington, was also in Moneyball, where he played catcher-turned-first-baseman Scott Hatteberg. The lefty still ranks fifth in team history in wins (74) and strikeouts (1,078) and is tied for third in shutouts (nine). The goal every year is to end on a W it's to win a World Series. And, well, he also had the biggest hit in team history, the double down the line to score Joey Cora and Griffey to beat the Yankees in 1995. Thats not all that surprising, but for one of the smaller market teams in Major League Baseball, the Rays do well for themselves: John Cena, Rob Schneider, and Dick Vitale are all prominent fans of the teamknown as the Devil Rays until 2008. Published Apr 29, 2023 4 minute read. We break down the good and bad. Fansfrequently see himat games since he became a well-known superstar. There are two things that Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps truly loves: swimming and the Baltimore Orioles. Frank Zicarelli. Dennis Leary and Mark Wahlberg just had no shot in the competition; only Damons good friend Ben Affleck could even come close. ", "On the bottom front of the jersey above the jock tag reads the phrase My Oh My as a nod to Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus famous phrase, which he echoed for more than three decades. He's put up unparalleled stats and attracted thousands of fans from culturally diverse backgrounds, all around the country and the world. Over the last 22 seasons (2023 included), the Mariners have ranked in the top half of the league in runs scored (15th or better) just five times. With their new City Connect jersey, its all about the details. Apr 20, 2023, 4:43 PM | Updated: 9:26 pm, Mariners OF Jarred Kelenic watches a home run by the Brewers' Christian Yelich on April 18. Although he may not have made the list a few years ago as a famous celebrity, the former Journey singer rose back to fame with the San Francisco Giants recent run to multiple World Series titles. Where he is now: Still taking the bump for the Mariners every fifth day. The gloves are officially off in the first-round Stanley Cup Playoffs series between the Seattle Kraken and Colorado Avalanche after Cale Makar's hit of Jared McCann. The new jerseys are blue and yellow and pay homage to throwback Seattle teams. The Seattle Mariners are the latest team to reveal the 'City Connect' uniforms from Nike. Los Angeles Dodgers. His unique style of pitching has gotten him through hundreds of high-pressure situations; half of his pitching strategy is the mental attack he exerts on the batter. He frequently wore Mets apparel, had Mets-related storylines, and even once had former Mets star Keith Hernandez on the show. Instead, that honor in 1989 went to Baltimores Gregg Olson, who saved 27 games that year for the Orioles. The infusion of black on the pants is a nod to the primary color of the uniforms of the 1940s Seattle Steelheads, whom the Mariners recognize with a separate uniform each year. A great group for real Seattle Mariners fans that have lived through the ups and downs of our favorite franchise. Why hes on the list: Cameron played parts of 17 years in the major leagues but saved his best four seasons for the four he spent in Seattle, not-so-coincidentally coinciding with the best four seasons in franchise history, with his Mariners numbers besting basically all of his career averages. April 30, 2023 | 00:00:24. Edgar tore it up as designated hitter for the Mariners. His Mariner career slugging percentage of .474 remains sixth in team history for those with more than 2,000 plate appearances. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Turn on a playoff game in October and youre sure to run into a national television broadcast tryingto find as many celebrities as possible. 15. Speaking of the Indians, no celebrity fan was happier that the Tribe made a deep playoff run last year than actor and Price Is Right host, Drew Carey. Where he is now: Living with his family in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., but also still occasionally helping the Mariners young players. Edgar Martinez is officially a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, receiving 85.4% of the votes, becoming the second player to represent the Mariners in the Hall of Fame. Key stat: Its hard to knock a single player for a baseball team not winning more. Where Mariners could look if they decide to trade for a bat Ken Griffey Jr. is officially a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, receiving 99.32% of the votes, the most in baseball history. Thank you for your submissions. Ibanez even earned himself a Mariners team commercial once. The Pilots are the first Seattle Major League Baseball team and the font on the front of the jersey is evocative of the Seattle Pilots as well.. Its true that baseball fans really fall in love with their favorite players. Martinez hit .329 at Class AAA Calgary in 1987. Cal Raleigh, 26 . Then held down right field through the 2000 season and ranks fourth in games played (1,440) and hits (1,255) and third in home runs (307) and walks (788). Raul Ibanez was a pleasure to have in Seattle during both his stints, and we'd love to have him back from the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012 for him to close out his career. And to win the World Series, you need to make the playoffs. The best all time players from every MLB team, from the Tampa Bay Rays to the San Francisco Giants. Only Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez ever had higher WAR numbers as a Mariner. Here is the first of the four inductees to the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought this was his 100th start as he was dealing. The poll has expired. There was no one in the Mariners organization more loved or admired than Niehaus.

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